Student Article


I had a life-changing experience in India with Sadhguru Shri Param Eswaran for two years at the IFC Mahavidya Mother Center in South India where he only accepts small numbers of students in order to offer personal guidance and individual attention needed for spiritual growth and transformation to be complete.

The individual guidance and instruction Shri Param gave me helped to create a new life. However, many times he told me that in order for ParaTan Teachings to really come alive and to experience the next step in my developing consciousness and spiritual growth I had to experience Mother Kali coming through him when he teaches workshops with twelve to sixteen people.

Four days ago I flew from my Native New England Maine to Milan Italy to experience the fabled magic of ParaTan when Shri Param channeled Mother Kali and teaches twelve to sixteen people in a workshop scenario entitled The Miracle of Love. What I witnessed and felt in every dancing and singing cell of my body was a multidimensional symphony of loving light, color, vibration, and sound conducted by Shri Param’s voice, love, and the presence of the Divine Mother. The awe-inspiring, harmonics of ascended masters and higher dimensional beings that expanded the already brilliant living and pulsing tapestry of light, color, sacred geometry, and sound is beyond my capacity to express in words.

However magical and transcendent the Sound Healing Circles are, the change I witnessed in the participants during three days is truly amazing. Subsequent to witnessing these miraculous transformations after only three days I am exceedingly joyful to offer a select number of people the opportunity to experience the same wonders May 16th-22nd for a 7 Day Healing Intensive for singles and couples at IFC Mahavidya temple USA in Harrison, Maine, and a 3 day Tantra workshop also for singles and couples in Austin Texas.

Even though the majority of participants did not speak English, the power of Shri Param’s loving Teachings reached deep into their souls through several gifted Italian interpreters.

Before I met Shri Param I never had a relationship last longer than a year and a half and most of them should have ended long before that. After witnessing the progress of the couples present in this workshop I now have a better perspective about why that was the case and how to approach all relationships in a new and intimate way.

The following bold print descriptions are subject matters covered in Shri Param’s Para Tan Teachings. Beneath them, you will find the changes I personally witnessed occurring.

Dissolve barriers to create deep spiritual intimacy and soul connection in your personal relationships (ex: partners, children, family)

I witnessed everyone sharing in the experience of divinity after and during each

Sound Healing session.

I saw people affirming and reaffirming love for and connection with others.

People were overwhelmed with gratitude and melted into a love they never previously experienced and did not know existed within.

Awaken and activate second chakra energy and transform it into Divine Communion with all that is, without sex nudity or intrusiveness.

I witnessed the gratitude, relief, and exuberance of several women who had their Yoni energy revitalized after years of receiving no pleasure.

I personally reached another level of sharing blissful love with men and women and witnessed others expanding in the same capacity.

I witnessed in myself and felt from others incredibly blissful energy which was entirely grounded and non-sexual yet transcendent and perfect.

Realign and strengthen internal planetary energies with the Universe so the Universe opens for you.

The very next day after the workshops one man received a large business order for his products after a very long dry spell without sales.

Three couples who arrived with doubt and other personal issues lingering between them actually merged and became one by marrying each other on the last day.

These are only a few examples of what I experienced in Milan and what will be available in any one of the intensives Shri Param offers. The problem is that we don’t really know what love is because we have not ever experienced true unconditional love. The magic is that Shri Param teaches us how to love and keep the flame of love alive in long-term relationships, everyday interactions, and how to bring success in business and LIFE!

When I first asked Shri Param to come to the States to conduct a Healing Intensive it was with the hope that others may learn how to build a personal mantra practice and receive the benefits I experience on a daily basis, in addition to experiencing the deep healing of daily Sound Healing Circles and Yajna (Sacred Fire ceremony). However, now that I have participated in Para Tan Group Sound Healing Circles with sixteen people for only three consecutive days and witnessed the capacity supported by this method for soul revealing transformation, and divine awakening, I am overcome with anticipation to share this with others during Shri Param’s visit to the USA, where we will share the bliss of Sound Healing for seven consecutive days!

Now that these beautiful Italians have received spiritual initiation from Shri Param and participated in hours and hours of Sound Healing they have the opportunity to continue their joy, connection, happiness, and soul growth by getting together regularly for Sound Healing Circles. The miracle of interacting with each other in this sacred way makes communion with the cosmos a community affair! This is the same opportunity being made available for those who are living in Ojai California USA, Milan, Bologna, Sicily in Italy, Seremban Malaysia, Kilangulam Tamil Nadu, India Please join us in dancing to the Song of Creation during the Para Tan Healing Intensive so you too may take part in creating happiness for yourself, your family, community, Mother Earth, and the Universe.

May the Divine Mother Awaken Peace and Joy Within All Beings,