There is a very simple way to approach the Gods and Goddesses and understand their deeper qualities within us via ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yogic Sadhana.  Sadhana will help us to recognize that there is but one power in the universe and within us, which is a power of light and consciousness called Sakthi in Sanskrit. The many deities in Tantric Tradition are the receptacles of Sakthi the supreme energy of Consciousness and represent its different forms and functions.

Sakthi is not only one in essence but unlimited in its manifestation, working on all levels of existence behind the forces of both nature and the psyche.  Sakthi is the living rhythms, phases, interactions, and intricacies.

The energies of the deities are blissful or fierce, reflect specific states of consciousness or experiences that we must carefully traverse in our yogic Sadhana, just as a seasoned mountain climber must cautiously move along the turns of his winding trail, though he or she is aware of the ultimate unity of the goal at the top of the peak. The different powers that they hold must be honored in all their nuances.

The traditional name for the inner worship of the Devatas or Gods and Goddesses in the Yoga tradition is Sakthi Yoga,  central to all Tantric traditions.

Sakthi Yoga involves working with the Divine powers outwardly through the forms and procedures of temple worship and inwardly through Yoga practices of pranayama, mantra, and meditation. Through these processes, the Deities unfold the entire play of cosmic creation as well as revealing the path beyond the manifest world to the Absolute.

Sadhguru Shri Param Eswaran with the blessing of Mother Kali offers us a very simple way to go inwards, generally realizable with a few weeks.
Sri Kalima