A Soul lightened by love is more precious than all the gems and jewels of the world.

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga offers you. secrets of using Bija Mantras to sound your Children that will keep them stay healthy and empowered.

Shri Param Eswaran always uses Bija sounds with his daughter Sri Yogeswari whenever she is not functioning as her usual self. This has always kept her away from a life of medication since birth. From the womb to now she receives regular sounding or empowerment energizing sessions.

Stimulating your child‘s feet with sound can make your child feel more relaxed and sleep better. Give your child the opportunity to live a new way of life free from medication.

Sound can help children with special needs who suffer from impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

Sound can help repair the nervous system, and also the brain cells. It can help to reprogram the way the brain function.

Try it by letting your children listen to the bija sound by visiting the link. Click Here

Sounding one’s child will keep them very fit and radiant, and will keep the doctors away. When your child is radiant and joyful, your life is also joyful and radiant. Though the child chooses you to be its caretaker, you have a commitment with the Gatekeeper who sends the soul to you, that you will be the best caregiver. Failing to fulfill this commitment, you will pay the penalty in this life and many lives after that. Why make your life complicated, just be a good caretaker, and work toward the child’s betterment. Each of the sound points is associated with different parts of the body, by sounding the feet you are in fact sounding the whole body. After sounding each foot, then use the bija sound Sauh in the palm of the child. Right foot right palm, left foot left palm, in the center of the palm. Our daughter receives sounding on a regular basis, and extra when she fell unwell.

The mental attributes of the parents are inherited by impression on the mental plane. The child as a quality inherits the thoughts, the feeling of the parents. Parents in being overly enthusiastic in molding a child to what is considered proper will end up suppressing the expression of the child, thus preventing the child from taping into its soul’s need, may end up having to work very hard to re-establish its rightful place toward its journey home. All humans have the choice to live a life of trappings or to regain his or her rightful place in this beautiful universe of ours.

Foot reflexology chartEvery soul posses the best qualities as a special inheritance, though it may be covered by all the impressions it has gathered along the way. This being so, all souls have the possibility of spiritual progress. Through the Sounds of the Divine Goddesses, we can help you to remove the unwanted impressions, thus allowing your soul to experience the best qualities it came to earth with.

The power of love accomplishes all things in life.
Give your child the Love and support he or she deserves.