World Peace and the Divine Feminine World Peace and the Divine Feminine

World Peace is only possible when the Divine Feminine reclaim her rightful place in Society; this is only possible when women reconnect to their subtle body to the physical body, so that Divine Spirit within them can make then to be powerful women and for motherís to be or young mother be empowered to be an effective first Guru.

When a Mother is not empowered, child care can be difficult as their Earthly Parents tend to impose on the children some as what they have been imposed upon as children, which has disempowering for most. It did not work for them and it will not work for their children.

Motherhood is a divine gift, a divine contract between the Mother and the childís real parent, the Universal Mother, that they will be good caregivers. A child is an independent soul on his or her journey home.

From ancient times until the modernization of India parents took marriage and having a family very seriously. A couple before marriage will fast for 21 days inviting a soul that they will be capable of caretaking before the first night. As soon as the child is born the first person they will visit is an astrologer who will explain the imprint of the child, and the right name for the child so that the name will support the vibration of the child based on the imprint. The name of the child is like a mantra. Today many so call educated Indianís have disregarded this powerful science and chose fancy names for their children, Vedic Astrology is a very powerful science which overtime has proven to be accurate. Today Vedic astrology is becoming popular in the west, before long they will study the importance of parenting more as a science.

Modernization in reality is not advancement, it is going backwards. Ancient science has been and will always be a powerful science of life, very big part of Tantra. Tantra is a science of life, not just another religious believe


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