Tantra and the Divine feminineTantra and Awakening Divine Feminine

Shakta Tantra is "free from all sorts of caste and patriarchal prejudices. A woman or a shudra is entitled to function in the role of guru. All women are regarded as manifestations of Shakti, and hence they are the object of respect and devotion. Whoever offends them incurs the wrath of the great goddess. Every [male aspirant] has to realize the latent Female Principle within himself, and only by [thus] 'becoming female' is he entitled to worship the Supreme Being"

The Divine Feminine is to be Worship; In ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga like Kaula Tantra every woman is thought of as a manifestation of the Goddess, and man as a manifestation of the God, and should be worshiped as such. One should worship the essence of Devi, one’s Sakthi in the form of a Sakthi. Doing thus, a man attains the four aims of mankind----dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

Let it be known to all women that human birth is the highest birth, which has taken us 1000s of years to achieve. Being born as women is the Highest, and most powerful, as women are born in the same image as the Mother of Creation.

True women have the power to change the face of the Earth. The passion to know one’s truly divine nature is the first ingredient necessary to overcome the first obstacle of an engrained and actively reinforced false understanding of women hood.

Women have the capacity to create beautiful, nurturing environments which nurture all those around them. Thus they not only create the universe, they are the center of the universe and as such deserved to be worshipped, revered, and honored.

The Awakening of the Divine Feminine is program is geared to assist women who desire to explore their divinity.

Without Sakthi there can be no life, as such we need all the Sakthi's of this earth to become true Sakthi's and give this Earth the life it needs. The Sakthi's of this world have been robed of their powers and has over the years tried to regain it without knowing how too.

This struggle has produced lots of strong women, but without inner strength, as such it is still a struggle. This strength has created many broken homes, with Men not knowing how to deal with the situation. Men are still in the believe that they are the stronger of the sexes, but in actual fact they are weaker.

The downside to the struggles is that women have become more prone to illnesses or even a Tumor, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorder.

The Awakening of the Divine Feminine is program is geared to assist women who desire to explore their divinity.

The first step is to awaken the inner Divinity by helping to remove past memories of trauma at the cellular level.

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