Inner Sakthi Yoga and Sacred UnionDivine Union or Sacred Union

Inner Sakthi Yoga profound and beautiful mystical knowledge from which all yoga practices have blossomed. It is the Mother of all Yoga!

Inner Sakthi Yoga and Sacred Union

Everything that lives was created through sexual union. Just the same, the soul is given the passage way by sex union, but not the sex of the common person. To create divinity, one must understand divine sexuality. Such knowledge has always been preserved in secret, held safely for those who demonstrated their ability to use it properly. Now, for the first time in history the sacred knowledge has been revealed openly: the Alchemy of Meditative Love Making is available to a selected few who are destined to learn ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga.

Vedanta and Sacred Union

The Sacred Union or the Alchemical of the Sacred Union that being from the   

There are 27 sorts of sexual relations according to the nature of the being. This classification does not merely refer to the physical aspect, but also implies a certain temperament of the person.

Ideal partnership is a very complicated structure made up, as it is a whole series subject. A partnership in marriage is not an institution for simple brute sense gratification. The idea that it is a civil contract terminated at will is bad conception on the part of today's race.

Marriage is something more than a civil agreement between the parties, the extent of which only affects them. It is the basis of the family, and its dissolution as well as its formation is a matter of social interest, for it affects the fabric of our society.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga awakens your inner divinity, as such you will awaken your sensual nature thus being able to dance to the music of Love
  • Benefit 2 Discover your imprint and the nature of your temperament and understand the nature of the person that will support your happiness.
  • Benefit 3 The Alchemy of Lovemaking is ideal for those seeking to attain spiritual union with one's lover.

    It is potentially most powerful lovemaking experience with your lover.

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