Awakening the Divine Feminine with SoundAwakening the Divine Feminine with Sound - Online Teaching

with the Father of ParaTan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition
Shri Param Eswaran

A journey into reclaiming the Divine Feminine with sound, thus returning to the deep Sacred Feminine power of the Living Goddess. This online teaching is for personal transformation and collective healing of humanity. It is also ideal for Mother to be and Mother to reclaiming their role as FIRST GURU (The Mother’s Wisdom or Womb Wisdom).

Humanity’s sufferings began during the phase where dominance of men over women ruled. Later this developed into the dominance of some men over other men and over all women. Patriarchy society went from collective consciousness to individual consciousness. Whichever way humanity evolved, women were still dominated.

From the perspective of Jungian psychology, patriarchy may be seen as an expression of an immature form of masculinity; an attack on masculinity in its fullness as well as on femininity in its fullness. Patriarchy was never the right choice of governance from the very start of time; however, society was not at the stage of differentiating right from wrong.

By denying femininity, society as a whole lost their FIRST GURU (TEACHER) thus lacking wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

About 2 years ago at a Universal level the Divine Feminine was awakened. A small portion of humankind finally realized the importance of the Divine Feminine. Now it is time for the Awakening of the Divine feminine and the return of Collective Consciousness within our society. It is time for the humankind to be fully aware of the importance of the Divine Feminine. Collective consciousness is the nature of the Divine Feminine. Individual Consciousness is the nature of the Masculine.

Patriarchy society has to be abolished by Awakening the Divine Feminine so that we can bring back collective consciousness.

For the Divine Feminine to rise again, women have to reclaim their inherent power of their womb as it is her centre of creativity.

Knowledge is essential in order to undergo the complete awakening process.

This Online Learning program offers you a transformational journey into healing women’s’ centre of creativity and awakening the womb wisdom by activating the energy of the Dasa Mahavidyas, the Divine Creative force within.

This will free women from the Patriarchy society’s encoding that has conditioned women for far too long, and which has suppressed women’s true creative flow. Women are creation of the ParaBrahman (God/Goddess as One) thus should be given full freedom in order to be Free, Wild yet full of Grace.

This emotional pattern is deeply held at a cellular level in the womb. It can create different problems; from pain during menstrual cycle, feeling shame about the body or sexuality to tumours and cysts within the womb and the list goes on.

Shri Param Eswaran offers you a 6 week online program to Awaken the Divine Feminine.

You may wonder why a man is leading this program; it is not his asking but the wish of Mother Kali that he does the work. She has offered him the tool that was hidden from humanity since Patriarchy society came into existence. Whether or not men or women is transferring the knowledge; the knowledge itself matters most.

Before, men used to worship the Divine Feminine within their partnership; acknowledging her as the embodiment of Adhi Para Shakti, the Divine Mother of creation. Now there is the tradition of worshiping statues of Goddesses or a stone image of the Yoni. This is a very poor substitute for creating the divine bliss as well as the union of the divine feminine and masculine within; when worshiping ones partner.

What stops you from expressing your Inner Divinity with the world?

What stops you from making dreams a reality?

What prevents you from being truly happy?

The answer is just a single aspect of you – Not knowing your true nature.

For as little as $48 per hour you can learn to reconnect with your inner self which is your subtle body. The process is being used by Yogis, Yoginis and great seers from around the world. Such divine knowledge should not be sacred to them only as everyone should be given a change to reveal their inner self.

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